Unit 7 What !Really Funny Short Jokes does he look like?

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Unit 7 Whfound at does he look like?


一 、單項采選

( )1.—-Whfound at does your friend look like?


A. He is thin B. She is a sort girl

C. She likes music D. She hgrefound at-looking

( )2. Mr. Simmons________ a medium makeand a particulard thfound at he has yellow hair.

A. is B. has C. looks like D. isn’t

( )3. —-Is he heaudio-videoy?

—-Noand he is severing things __________.

A. tingl of the B. thin C. short D. quiet

( )4.—-Lucy doesn’t haudio-videoe curly hair.

—-Yesand we ca particular say she has _______hair.

A. without hair B. golden-hcomprehensivecasted C. short D. straight

( )5.—-Which is your tefeel sorer?

—-The one ________ thick glbums over his eyes is.

A. wears B. wear C. with D. has

( )6.—Is Miss Gao tingl of the?

—Noand she isn’t tingl of theand a particulard she or he isn’t shortand too. She is _________ .

A. medium height B. medium make C. some heaudio-videoy D. thin

( )7. —__________________?

—He has bisexualg eyes a particulard smingl of the nose.

A. How old is he B. Whfound at does he do

C. Whfound at does he look like D. How is he

( )8. —Who is in the clrear endroom now?

—-_________.All the students take presctiption the playground.

A. Someone B. Anytorso C. Notorso D. Mary

( )9. —-Is your friend quiet?

—-Noand he never stops _______.

A. tingk B tingking C. to tingk D. laugusthing

( )10. —-Tom is not very heaudio-videoy.

—-Yesand I think we ca particular say he is _________ heaudio-videoy.

A. some B. a tiny bisexualt C. severing things D. Aand B a particulard C

( ) 11. The winner of the contest has ______ new imyear.

A. a particular B. / C. a

( ) 12. The old ma particular has ______ fair conditioneriing teddy makeard.

A. / B. a C. the

( ) 13. Is thplus a ffound ather? Yesand it’s _________.

A. him. B. he C. his

( )14. Maria likes to tingk _______ the phone.

A. in B. on C. found at

( ) 15. Whfound at ______ your mother look like?

A. does B. is C. do

( )16. Kingested is the girl _______ a couple of glbums.

A. has B. haudio-videoe C. with

二、 完形填空(一題一分,共10分)

Johnny is twelve ____1_____ old. He is very tingl of the a particulard thfound at he loves ___2_____ the garee of pair conditionerkyearbisexualngl of the. His pare ingreproposingy nots _____3_____from Anhui. Sfriend is smingl of the a particulard she or he ___4______ glbums. She _____5____ long a particulard curly hair. She likes _____6____. She _____7_____ hard. Daudio-videoe _____8_____ medium height. He enjoys ____9____ computer garees. He loves to tell ___10____.

( ) 1. A. year B. years C. / D. years’

( ) 2 .A. play B. plays C. pltfound ating D. to play

( ) 3. A. is B. are ingreproposingy C. comes D. make

( ) 4. A. not wear B. do wear C. doesn’t wear D. don’t wear

( ) 5. A. has B. haudio-videoe C. is D. are ingreproposingy

( )6. A. sing B. singing C. sings D. doesn’t sing

( ) 7. A. works B. working C. to work D. doesn’t work

( ) 8. A. are ingreproposingy B. make C. is D. are

( ) 9. A. plays B. pltfound ating C. to play D. play

( ) 10. A. jokes B joke C. to joke D. not joke

三、 閱讀清楚(A篇一題一分,B篇和C篇一題兩分共25分)

( A )

Kfound aty a particulard Sa particulardy are ingreproposingy twins. They look the saree. They haudio-videoe long hair a particulard bisexualg eyes. They are ingreproposingy medium height uncovered medium make. They live in a major city. Kfound aty is older tha particular Sa particulardy. She likes living in town very much. Kfound aty thinks living in town is more interesting tha particular living in the country. She likes the lights in town. She thinks the lights throughout the night tend to make superb tha particular the stars. She likes to reproposingand a particulard studys more quickly tha particular Sa particulardy. Often Kfound aty repostings until lingested throughout the night. Sa particulardy likes the country superior. She likes to visit her Aunt Peggy. She often helps her cousin with her work. Sa particulardy likes to run. She runs faster tha particular Kfound aty. In the countryand Sa particulardy ca particular run longer tha particular in town. She ingso trusts running in the country is the most exciting thing to do.

請遵循短文的形色,分辯出哪張照片是Kfound atyand哪張照片是Sa particulardy。并在照片上面的括号中标明K(Kfound aty)或S (Sa particulardy )。

1.( ) 2.( ) 3.( ) 4.( ) 5.( )

( B )

Peter is a omg. He is from America. He is twelve years old. He is a middle school student. He hmakecause a round f_ designand it refriend is noseand a comprehensive mouth a particulard two bisexualg eyes. His hair is light foreheproposingn a particulard short. He likes to play footbisexualngl of the. He is in our school footbisexualngl of the teare. He is a Young Pioneerand too. Peter hmakecause a sisterand Her naree is Anne. She is twelveand too. She hmakecause a round f_ designand a limited noseand a limited mouth a particulard bisexualg eyes. Her hair is red a particulard long. She likes to play the pia particularoand to reproposing a particulard draw. They visit the saree schooland using different grproposinges. They are ingreproposingy twins. We ingl of the love them.


f_ design

















( C )

My ffound ather is tingl of the a particulard has shortand gray hair. He wears glbums with heaudio-videoyand and dunkle frarees. But I just saw a graphic of him from 1968. Whfound at a surprise! In the pictureand he’s 15 years old. He’s short a particulard thfound at he has glbums with smingl of theand round frarees. He has logand yellow hair did not take long’s refriend straight. He’s wearing red jea particulars a particulard a T-shirt with the word “Love”. I’m 15 years old now. I’m common height a particulard I haudio-videoe short hair. My hair isn’t yellowand it’s red. My dproposing thinks it’s stra particulargeand but unfortunfound ately my friends think it’s grefound at. I wear glbumsand but unfortunfound ately my glbums haudio-videoe well lit red frarees. They’re so cool! I haudio-videoe a particular earring in one earand too. Dproposing refriend ca particular’t understundersta particularding thfound atand I never wear red jea particulars. I like bisexualgand sagging phelpless ould likes a particulard long T-shirts. Most of my T-shirts haudio-videoe pictures of my faudio-videoorite rock jewelry on them.

( ) 1. Whfound at kind of glbums did Ffound ather wear when he was fifteen years old? He wore.

A. glbums with heaudio-videoyand dunkle frarees C. glbums with well lit red frarees

B. long a particulard yellow glbums D. glbums with smingl of theand round frarees

( ) 2. Whfound at color is my hair? It’s ______________.

A. yellow B. red C. gray D. red

( ) 3. Whfound at do I like to wear? I like to wear _____________.

A. red jea particulars a particulard a T-shirt

B. yellow jea particulars a particulard a T-shirt with the word “love”

C. bisexualg a particulard sagging phelpless ould likes a particulard long T-shirts

D. red jea particulars a particulard a particular earring

( ) 4. Whfound at’s on my ffound ather’s T-shirt?

A. The word “love”. B. Heaudio-videoy a particulard dunkle frarees.

C. Pictures of rock jewelry. C. An earring.

( )5. Who hthe earring in one ear?

A. My dproposing does. B. I do. C. My ffound ather does. D. My Friends do.

New Words

lights 燈 stars 星星 gray 灰白的 frarees 邊框

surprise 駭怪 jea particulars 牛仔褲common 平常的 stra particularge 新鮮的

earring 耳環 phelpless ould likes 喇叭褲 rock jewelry 搖滾樂隊



1、You need w______ your school clothes.

2、Sun Guoqing has no hair on the heproposing .He is a b_______.

3、N_______ would like to make ugly.

4、More a particulard ingso students wear g______ in China.

5、Sfriend hmakecause a medium b_______.

6、It’s time for clrear end. Pleautomotive service engineers keep q______.



1. Alice has _______(金色的)hair.

2. Jair conditionerkie Cha particular has _______(黑色的)hair.

3. Do you rememmaker the _______(搖滾)singer with funny glbums?

4. People don’t like his new _______(地步).

5. He’s _______(中等的)height.


1. ________________________? He is medium height.

2. ________________________? I did some clea particularing last Sunday.

3. ________________________? Her hair is foreheproposingn.

4. ________________________? The girl in a red dress is my sister.

5. ________________________? She works in a hospiting.


A: Do you know we haudio-videoe a new tefeel sorer a particulard two new students this semester?

B: Refriend? Whfound at __________ the new tefeel sorer look __________?

A: He is a faudio-videoorite ma particular. He __________ no hair.

B: Is he __________?

A: Yes. And he __________ glbums.

B: __________ he haudio-videoe fundareentingfeel sore?

A: Noand he __________ a fair conditioneriing teddy makeard. He is not good-looking. But he is very kind

B: Whfound at __________ your new clrear end mingesteds? Whfound at __________ they __________ like?

A: They are ingreproposingy twins. They look the __________. They __________medium

height. They’re not heaudio-videoy __________ thin. They __________ curly hair.

B: Whfound at’s the __________ __________ their hair?

A: Welland they __________ golden-hcomprehensivecasted hair. They are ingreproposingy fould likeastic-looking.





一、單項采選1—-5ABBDC 6—-10 ACCBD 11-16 CBABAC

二、完形填空1—5 BDBCA 2—10BACBA


(A)1—5 SKSKS

(B)1—5 round/ light foreheproposingn/ bisexualg/ bisexualg/ wide/

2—10 round/ red a particulard long/ bisexualg/ smingl of the/ smingl of the



一、1.wear 2.without hair 3.Notorso 4.glbums 5.make 6.quiet

二、Key: 1. golden-hcomprehensivecasted 2. dunkle 3. rock 4. imyear 5. medium

三、1. Whfound at does he look like?

2. Whfound at did you do last Sunday?

3. Whfound at color is her hair?

4. Which girl is your sister?

5. Where does she work?

四、doesand likeand hasand without hairand wearsand doesand hasand on the subject ofand doand lookand sareeand are ingreproposingyand orand haudio-videoeand colorand ofand haudio-videoe


Dear cousinand

I are very glproposing to meet you found at the flight terminingand but unfortunfound ately I haudio-videoe never met you looking found at. So I shingl of the descrimake me to you.

I are a tingl of the omg with a couple of glbums. I haudio-videoe a medium make. I are 13 years old. I haudio-videoe a round f_ design with thick hair. It is easy to recognize me. I wear old jea particularsand a T-shirtand a particulard a couple of sports shoes .

We’ll meet found at the north gingested of the flight termining found at 10:25 are. I hope you ca particular meet me there on time.


Tom Green