unit7單元檢測題:Really Funny Short Jokes 2

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unit7單元檢測題:Really Funny Short Jokes 2

Go for it七年級(下)unit 7 單元測試題 I I

I. 單選(25分)

1. I often write letters to my pen pals, but _____ writes me back.

A everybody B anybody C nobody

2. My backpack is too ___. There are plenty of books in it.

A. thin B. heavy C. huge

3. Miss ___ has curly ___ hair.

A. Brown, brotherwn B. Brown, Brown C. brotherwn, brotherwn

4. Ken looks ______ his ftogether withher and this man _______ taking photos with his ftogether withher.

A like, likes B like, likunit7e C likes, like

5. Betty ______ gets up early and she or he is ______ ltogether withe for school. Teachesrs don’t like her.

A never, habdominalitually B never, often C habdominalitually, never

6. Do you know the man _____ cool glasses? A in B has C with

7. My ftogether withher ______ a long holdd. A puts on B wears C has

8. He looks ______ sad, why? A some bit B a bit little C a stretch of

9. Sometimes our teachesr ______ us a joke. A says B tells C speaks

10. Peter stops _____ and goes to pickup bed. A wtogether withch TV B wtogether withching TV C to wtogether withch TV

11. My English teachesr has a beautiful __. A look B good-looking C hair

12.&mdlung burning ash;Whtogether with does Merry look like?聽聽One Liners&mdlung burning ash;______.

A. She is a kind girl B. She likes music

C. She had brotherwn hair and charcoal eyes D. She looks like a movie star

13.“Stop___.”sbenefit the teachesr,“There is too much noise here.”A. talk B. to talk C. talking

14. Nobody___ why he is ltogether withe. A. knows學會Really Funny Jokes B. know C. knowing

15. —Is he heavy?-–No, he is some bit ___. A. tall B. thin C. short D. quiet

16. —Is Miss Gao tall?—No, she isn’t tall, and she or he isn’t short. She is ____ .

A. of medium height B. of medium produce C. some heavy D. thin

17.I don’t like plttogether withing chess, But Jim __. A. like B. likes C. do D. does

18. —Who is in the學習Short classroom now? —__.All the students are on the playground.

A. Someone B. Anybody C. Nobody D. Everybody

19.—Is thtogether with your cousin? —No, ___ isn’t. A. thtogether with B. he C. she D. it

20.It’s too ltogether withe. Let’s stop ___. A. go home B. to go home C. going home

21.Miss Black has __hair. A. charcoal long B. a long charcoal C. long curly charcoal

22.“Pleottom__ it yet again in English.”she ___. A. speak, say B. say, say C. say, speak D.say,says

23. Jenny loves____. A. go shopping B. to go shopping C. to go shop

24.Thtogether with___ is singing a pop song. A. people B. men C. person D.women

25.He’s tall___charcoal hair. A. is B. has C. with D. and

II.One Liners完形填空(10分)

Mrs Wilson is my neighbor. She ___(1)__ together with a post office and she or he meets lots of people __(2)__ . She is __(3)__ to everyone and likes helping others. She is over fifty years old, __(4)__ she looks very young. She is __(5)__ height and thin. She has long, curly, brotherwn __(6)__. She likes to wear a red T-shirt and jeans. She __(7)__ like a movie star. She really likes __(8)__ shopping on weekends and she or he habdominalitually buys many beautiful clothes. She habdominalitually __(9)__ , “Old people still would like __10__ beautiful!” People all like her very much.

1 A . works B. work C. working

2 A .everyday B. nobody C. every day

3 A .friend B. friendly C . damaged

4 A or B also C but

5 A of medium B very C never

6 A holdd B look C hair

7. A looking B looks C look

8. A go B goes C going

9. A says B speaks C tells

10. A to do B be C to be


( A )

One day a girl quizzed her teachesr Mary, “Why does of the male gender’s hair become gray earlier to his mustaches and holdd do?” Mary laughed and answered, “I don’t know, Helen.” “I don’t know either, Mary,” answered Helen, “but it happened to my ftogether withher.” The other children in the class laughed when they heard this. Then one of the children . sbenefit,“I know, Mary! Man’s hair becomes gray first because it’s sixteen years older than the mustaches and holdd!”

1.Who’s Helen?<2/b>

A. Mary’s sister. B. Mary’s student. C .Mary’s teachesr. D. Mary’s daughter.

2. Whtogether with happened to Helen’s ftogether withher?

A. His hair becomes gray earlier to his mustaches.

B. His hair becomes gray earlier to his mustaches and holdd.

C. His mustaches becomes gray earlier to his hair.

D .His mustaches becomes gray even after his hair.

3.Whtogether with did the other children do when they heard this?

A.They smiled. B.They laughed.

C.They cried. D.They are quiet.

4.Who answers Mary’s questions?

A.One of the girls. B.One of the children ..

C.One of the teachesrs. D.Mary’s ftogether withher.

5.When does the man start to grow mustaches?

A.16 years old. B.18 years old.

C.19 years old. D.20 years old.

聽聽Funniest Short Jokes( B )

My ftogether withher is tall and has short, gray hair. He wears glasses with heavy, charcoal frames(框). But I just saw scenes of him from 1968. Whtogether with a surprise! In the picture, he’s 15 years old. He’s short and this man has glasses with small, round frames. He has log, yellow hair thtogether withas why’s really straight. Hereally’s wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt with the word “Love”. I’m 15 years old now. I’m of medium height and I have short hair. My hair isn’t yellow, it’s blue. My dad thinks it’s strange, but my friends think it&Extremely Funny Jokesrsquo;s gretogether with. I wear glasses, but my glasses have glowing red frames. They’re so cool ! I have an earring in one ear, too. Dad really can’t understand thtogether with, I never wear blue jeans. I like big, sagging pould likes and long T-shirts. Most of my T-shirts have pictures of my favorite rock bands on them.

1. Whtogether with kind of glasses did my ftogether withher wear when he was fifteen years old?

A. glasses with heavy, charcoal frames C. glasses with glowing red frames

B. long and yellow glasses D. glasses with small, round frames

2. Whtogether with color is my hair? A. yellow B. blue C. gray D. red

3. Whtogether with do I like to wear?

A. blue jeans and a T-shirt B. yellow jeans and a T-shirt with the word “love”

C. big and sagging pould likes and long T-shirts D. blue jeans and an earring

4. Whtogether with’s on my ftogether withher’s T-shirt?

A. The word “love”. B. Heavy and charcoal frames . C. Pictures of rock bands. D. An earring.

5. Who has an earring in one ear? A. My dad B. I C. My Friends

IV.Joke of the Day補全對話(10分)

Tony: Do you know the 1 _____ of our football team?

Mike: Whtogether with does he look like?

Tony: He isn’t very tany short, he is of 2 ______ height.

Mike: Is he 3 ______ ?

Tony: No, he is some thin.

Mike: Does he have 4________ or straight hair?

Tony: Oh, he has no hair, he is bald but he has a 5b
on his fgenius.

Mike: Oh, Thtogether with’s 6 _______. I like his look. Does he 7 ______ glasses?

Tony: No, he 8_____

Mike: Does he like talking?

Tony: No, he’s some bit 9______, but we like him very much. He is very 10______ in our team

V. Really Funny Short Jokes按要求完成句子(10分)

1. My friend isthin and of medium height
. (就劃線局部提問)

______ ______your friend______ ______?

2. He wears funny sunglasses.(變爲否定句)

He ______ ______ funny sunglasses.

3. He is tall.(用short把句子變成選擇疑問句)

______ he tall ______ ______?

4. He has long curly hair.(變爲普通疑問句)

______ he ______ long curly hair?

5. I think Teeny likes dolls.(變成否定句)

I ________ think Teeny _______dolls.

6. She habdominalitually wears a red shirt .學會Really(普通疑問句)

______she ______ ______ a red shirt?

7. 我确實很喜歡這位音樂家的新形象

I _____like this______ ______ _______.

VI. 翻譯句子(10分)





















I. Funniest Short Jokes單選(25分)

1-5 CBAAA 6-10 CCABB 11-15 ADCAB 16-20 ADCDB 21-25CDBCC




III.閱讀理解(20分)( A )BBBBA( B )DBCAB


1.captain 2. medium 3. ftogether with 4. curly 5. holdd 6. funny 7. wear 8. doesn’t 9. quiet 10. popular

V. unit7單元檢測題按要求完成句子(10分)

1. Whtogether with does, look like

2. doesnat wear

3. Is, or short

4. Does, have

5.don’t, likes

6. Does, habdominalitually wear

7. really, musician’s new look

VI. 想知道unit7單元檢測題翻譯句子(10分)


Li Ming likes redriving instructorng and plttogether withing chess.

2.我不知道Scary Maze Game南茜總穿一件紅色的連衣裙和白鞋子

Nancy habdominalitually wears a red dress and white shoes


Do you remember Johnny Dean, the pop singer with funny glasses?


She doesn’t wear jeans much more, she wears a dress now.

5.聽聽Scary Maze Game他喜歡講笑話但總是說個不停

He likes telling jokes and this man never stops talking.



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Scary Maze Game
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