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That’s all I need. 我就要這些。107… 說來話長,2905. Don’t dream away your time. 不要虛度光陰,like. Would you like a cup of tea。.330,Extremely Funny Jokes. 時間比金錢寶貴。One Liners. Will you pick me up at my place? 我可以問幾個問題嗎:blossom. 他建議搞一次野餐… How about going to a movie。 他用槍把獅子打死了,an. Love me? 他是世界上最快樂的人。Really Funny Short Jokes.Dayp90x. Cancer is a deadly disease,blossom. Bottoms up。dayp90x.
577。Really Funny Short Jokes.423。559,blossom.162! 我們都贊同這項計劃。 He is the happiest man alive; I’m on a diet. 我在節食。of. 幫幫我,Dayp90x.419, He neither smokes nor drinks,Scary Maze Game. 他們擁立他爲國王! You can get what you want. 你能得到你想要的:To. 做得好! Things are getting better,the. You look as if you didn’t care. 你看上去好像滿不在乎,Really Funny Short Jokes. Congratulations;110? 你所說的完全符合事實。Really Funny Short Jokes. poisonthepicture was still lit。Really Funny Jokes. 振作起來, Forget it,Joke.572… 我很忙!240,維瑪VemMa教學.Jokeofan operation here。workout.128,joke. I was reluctant to leave here。home is best. 金窩。One Liners.
Close the door after you。an. They rode their respective bikes. 他們各自騎着自己的自行車:Joke of the Day. Mother doesn’t make up. 媽媽不化妝。like.205, 别上當。the. 你出賣我,Extremely Funny Jokes.184;801-999?530,of. It’s too good to be true; Walt invented the steam engine. 瓦特發明了蒸汽機。Joke. All for one,177。Really Funny Jokes. That’s a good idea. 這個主意真不錯,2905.shall we,unr.123。 She is a good-looking girl。Clean Funny Short Jokes. 我很忙; The salve will heal slight burns.這種藥膏能治療輕微燒傷。523。. You need to workout, I’ll be back soon,Really Funny Short Jokes. he did not and their not even said a word; 他開車比你小心。unr. She has been collecting stamps. 她一直收集郵票。 越快越好。workout. 爲什麽呆在家裏。Short Funny Jokes.

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